Thursday, April 21, 2016


In my first entry about this museum, I showed you pictures of some of the miniatures.  Now I am going to tell you about toys.

First of all, here are some strange-looking dogs, a cat, and a bear.  I especially like the dog with the ears that stick up.

This bear was really, really big -- like even taller than Mom!  It was made by a German company called Stieff.  This company was started in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, who later had help from her brother Fritz.  Stieff started out by making elephants, but later she made dogs, cats, and pigs.  She designed and made most of the prototypes herself.  In 1897, Steiff's nephew Richard joined the company.  He is the one who first created the teddy bear in 1902.  By 1907, the company had made 974,000 bears, and they have been making more ever since.

Stieff toys are designed to be safe for children.  The most common materials in them are alpaca, felt, mohair, and woven plush.  They are stuffed with wood shavings or polyester fibers.  All the Stieff toys have the famous "button in ear," which shows that it is authentic and not an imitation.

Here are some other toys that Mom saw in the museum:

These are the kinds of toys that boys played with the in the 1940s:

And girls played at being little housewives:

Here are some George and Martha Washington dolls.  They don't look as happy as Barbie and Ken, but they have fancier clothes.

There were a lot of doll houses in the exhibit.  They were sort of like miniatures, but they were made for girls to play with, furnish, and decorate.  Some of them were very large and fancy.  A chihuahua could go inside one of the rooms and curl up and take a nap -- if there weren't so many dolls and other things in the way.

I'm not sure what that black animal is, but it might be a goat.  At our house, Mom doesn't let goats come in the kitchen.

This is the doll house dining room, full of doll-sized furniture and dishes.

Here are the dolly children, playing in their playroom.

You can see several rooms of this doll house, almost as if the wall fell off.

So that's pretty much all of the Toy and Miniature stuff I'm going to show you.  If you want to see more, you should go to the museum in person.  My opinion is that there are some fairly good exhibits there, as far as I can tell from the pictures Mom took.  The two things I think they really need to add are: (1) dog toys, and (2) dog houses.

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